Our History
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With an idea, a garage, and a few grants to write a business plan, Kent and Steve Savage founded Eco-Products on October 1, 1990. The general idea was to provide products made from recycled materials to businesses in central Colorado.

The demand for recycled products was consistent and many competitors already offered similar products made from recycled materials, so our founders shifted the business toward foodservice disposables and janitorial supplies.

For the next 12 years, Eco-Products grew steadily by purchasing recycled content products from larger companies and distributing them to businesses in the greater Denver region and beyond.

The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) was founded. BPI is an association that promotes the use and recovery of biodegradable materials and offers a certification for compostable products to ensure clear labeling and complete composting. Eco-Products compostable items are all BPI certified.

Eco-Products continued to grow more rapidly, expanding our line of foodservice items and enjoying an increasing growth rate for a small company.

The GreenStripe® cup was born! Eco-Products started making our own products, under our own label, using a new technology that replaced traditional petroleum-based plastic with "corn plastic" or PLA. The result was new and unique in the marketplace. At last customers had quality, affordable, compostable products made from renewable resources, instead of foam or plastic.

We moved our headquarters to our current location and installed the largest solar panel installation in our city at the time.

Eco-Products introduced our Evolution World™ Hot Cup line, the first 24% post-consumer recycled fiber hot cup on the market. Until this time, only 10% post-consumer fiber content was found in a handful of hot cups.

We hired our 50th employee! Eco-Products now had a diverse sales team with national presence and a thriving home office.

Another worlds first, we launched the EcoLid® 25, the worlds first post-consumer recycled polystyrene hot cup lid - and happily we are phasing out our very last plastic lid. Soon every single item at Eco-Products will be made with either post-consumer recycled or renewable materials.

"Eco-Products is acquired by The Waddington Group. In Canada, Eco-Products is represented by Polar Pak, a Novolex brand. "

Eco-Products opens office in Europe to meet the growing demands for the European markets.