Which material is better for the environment – PLA corn plastic or recycled PET plastic?
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<p>The answer is: it depends!

<p>Here at EcoProducts, we look at our products from a life cycle perspective. Our cups have a beginning, middle and end of life. For our cold cups, some of them have great beginning of life attributes, while the others offer great end of life benefits. However, a key piece of the environmental success of our products depends on you. Simply choosing Eco-Products over conventional products helps drive markets, keep good companies like us in business and show the industry where consumers are motivated. If that is all you can do right now, that is a great start! Some of you can do more by composting or even recycling (where accepted) some of our products. The best environmental solution is the one that works with you.

<p>See our GreenStripe® and BlueStripe™ page to learn more about each product's attributes and what fits into your life right now.

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